At Immerso, sustainability is a way of being. From day one, we made a commitment to the community, and developed social, economic, and environmental sustainability practices to create experiences with a positive impact on people and the planet.

Located in Ericeira, Europe’s first World Surfing Reserve, Immerso is surrounded by nature, nestling in a green valley and with a marvellous sea view, pure air, beauty and biodiversity.

Developed with a profound respect for and in accordance with the spirit of the place, the architectural design, by Tiago Silva Dias, represents a balance between natural values and construction, through the integration of the buildings into the terrain from which they emerge. For the architect, this is the central axis of the conceptual principles applied in the hotel’s design. Questions of environmental sustainability, such as the adjustment to the local climatic conditions and energey efficiency, were key to the development, inspired by the principles of southern Iberian architecture, with built elements whose function is to offer hydrothermic comfort, with the use of construction solutions with a low environmental impact.

The landscape architecture, by Margarida Quelhas, is along the same lines. Everything is carefully thought out, respecting the wisdom of nature and what existed here before, with the choice of native plants that favour the regeneration of the soil. Our organic garden allows us to cultivate many of the ingredients that we then serve at our table: various aromatic herbs, various fruits and vegetables, always planted and tended according to the seasons, and served fresh, respecting the principle of seasonality.

In the interior design, sustainability is expressed in the stress on place and on strengthening the community. Most of the pieces chosen for our rooms and public spaces are designed in Portugal and made by producers that we know personally, to support local industry. Many pieces are even made in artisan fashion, so enabling the reuse of materials.

The concern with sustainability applies to all the decisions that we take. We choose our partners based on their range of certified products and the sustainable practices that they follow – but also on proximity. So, in this simple way, we both offer traditional and seasonal flavours and add the growth of the local economy. Inside our rooms, and throughout the spaces at IMMERSO, we appeal to conscientious consumption. Water is of course a major focus for us, and so we ask all our clients to reduce their consumption of water. We also reduce disposable plastic to the essential only.

To reduce carbon emissions as much as possible, we use green transport inside and outside our premises. All our service cars for transporting passengers and bags, as well as the support wagon, are electric. Our parking lot also has electric charging points for our guests. And, of course, we have electric bicycles for our guests to get around, or just to enjoy the surrounding landscape more comfortably.